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Hello, my lovely readers!

If you arrived here because of the link in the back of REVENANT, you know that we’re at an end to our journey.

Sort of.

But before I tell you what comes next, I want to share a special epilogue with you.

See, I originally wrote it for the end of REVENANT, but my editor and I felt that the finality of it, as well as the inclusion of an event that’s been in the making since the first Demonica books, would be a little alienating and confusing for new readers. Together, we decided that the epilogue would be better served by posting it on its own page on my website – a page dedicated to answering the “What’s next?” question.

So here it is…I hope you enjoy!



Nine Months After the Events of REVENANT…

“The baby’s crowning!” Grinning, doctor Gemella Morgan looked over at Blaspheme as she prepared to deliver the newest member of the Seminus family.

Blaspheme stood next to Gem, assisting as the mother-to-be, an ex-angel named Idess, pushed through a contraction, her long, caramel hair plastered to her face. Her mate, Lore, brother to Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, and Sin, held her slender hand in his gloved one. Idess was immune to the fatal consequences of contact with his bare right hand, but he always gloved-up in public to avoid accidents.

“Give us another push,” Blas urged. “He’s almost here.”

Idess bore down with a shout, and Gem gently palmed the baby’s head. Idess didn’t let up, and with another great push, the squirming infant eased into Gem’s waiting hands. The next moments were a blur of blankets, umbilical cords, and the joyful sounds of two happy new parents.

Blas’s eyes stung as she watched Lore kiss Idess tenderly, one hand on the baby in her arms, the other palming her damp cheek. The love flowing between the three filled the room, the force of it so tangible that Blaspheme felt it as a tingle on her skin. She wasn’t ready for children, not even close, but she could visualize a similar future for her, Revenant, and their child, and her heart thumped in a happy rhythm.

With a smile, Lore straightened, his big body towering over his mate’s. “Okay, let’s see who the little guy’s father is.”

Idess growled softly. “You are his father.”

Lore stroked the baby’s dark head of hair. “Yeah, I know. But there are three guys out in the waiting room who are dying to know whose donor swimmer was the fastest. I hear there’s a lot of money riding on it.”

Idess rolled her eyes and shot Gem and Blaspheme that look. The one that meant males were hopeless. Blaspheme completely agreed.

Lore peeled back the fluffy duckie blanket to expose the baby’s right arm and the sleeve of tattoo-like glyphs that extended from his tiny fingers to the base of his throat. The dermoire, a paternal history through dozens of generations, would reveal his birth father’s symbol at the very top; a set of scales for Eidolon, an eye for Shade, or an hourglass for Wraith.

For a moment, Lore stood there, expression blank. Blas held her breath.

“Well?” Idess prompted.

“Take a guess.”

Idess cocked a brow. “Do I really need to?”

“Probably not.” Lore strode to the door, whipped it open, and bellowed, “Wraith! You son of a bitch!”

Suddenly, the room was full of Seminus demons and their mates, all offering congratulations. Wraith, of course, added some expected bragging and demands for everyone to pay up.

When a new wave of noise outside the room announced the arrival of the Horsemen, Reaver, and their mates, Blaspheme decided it was time to get out of there. She loved all of these people, but she still wasn’t used to the chaos a big family brought. She and Revenant were very alike in that way, enjoying their quiet time between the huge, frequent get-togethers.

Blaspheme gave Idess and Lore a hug and then slipped out of the crowded room to join Revenant, who was propped against the desk in her office. As she entered, he looked up from the People magazine he was pawing through, and she sighed at the knowledge that the tall, leather-clad angel was all hers. Later, she was going to take her sweet time divesting him of all visible and concealed weapons, his clothes, goth boots, and the Grinch boxers she’d bought him for Christmas.

And yes, she knew he was wearing them, because her angel powers included x-ray vision that made her former False Angel ability seem sad.

“Well?” he asked.

“It’s a boy.”

Rev gave her a duh look. With the exception of Sin, who was a half-breed anomaly, all Seminus demons were male. “Who is the father?”

“Wraith,” she said, “and I’m glad. He’s got a son, but his mate is a vampire, so they can’t have more children. He’ll love spoiling this kid.”

Revenant tossed the magazine aside and pulled her into his arms, wrapping her in warmth and strength. “This all sounds so normal. Vampires and demons mating, brothers donating baby batter so a half-breed brother can have a kid with an ex-angel…”

Laughing, she looked up at him. “For Underworld General, this is very normal.”

He appeared to consider that. “I like it,” he finally said.

“It’s nice,” she agreed. “But don’t think it was easy for any of them to get to this point.”

“Trust me,” he muttered, “I don’t think that for a second. And I have a feeling that between the Sem family and the Horsemen, insanity will erupt around here eventually.”

She got that feeling, too. But she also knew that everyone in this remarkable extended family would pull together in times of trouble, and somehow, everything would be okay. The future was wide open, and for the first time, Blaspheme wasn’t worried.

She could stand on her own, but if she fell, she had a family to catch her, and a powerful mate to hold her.

So, yes, she was very much looking forward to the next chapter in all of their stories.


What’s Next?

Hades_200 So…is it really over?

Yes…and no.

The current Demonica/Lords of Deliverance arc does end with REVENANT. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be new stories to come, including a brand new series!

Yup, the plan is to jump ahead in time, around 20 to 25 years, and write about the next generation – The Sem kids and the Horsemen offspring. I can tell you right now that at least a couple of Horsemen are not going to be happy about their daughters hanging out with any of the Sem boys!

Now, here’s the deal on the release schedule…I don’t have one yet. See, the kids are still too young in my head, and I need to give them time to grow up.

So in the meantime, I will be writing stories for current characters. In fact, HADES just released last May, and here’s a little tidbit about THAT: If you’ve read AZAGOTH, you’re aware of the 1001 Dark Nights series. I have worked out a plan with Evil Eye Concepts, the publisher of the 1001 Dark Nights books, and they will be publishing all of the stories I write for Azagoth’s underworld, Sheoul-gra. And get this…it might say “novella” on the cover, but the length will vary, and in fact, Azagoth, at 60,000 words, is almost a full-length book (novellas are generally 25K-40K-ish). So watch for some deliciously dark tales from the demon holding tank!

In addition, I plan to give characters like Tavin and Tracker (Whine) their own stories. So as you can see, there is much more to come! In the meantime, be sure to check out the MoonBound Clan Vampires books, which start with Bound By Night!

On a different note, I want to thank all my awesome readers for your incredible support over the course of the books. Some of the stories were easier to write than others, while a couple of books nearly made me throw in the towel. But through it all, you were there, asking for more stories and thanking me for every one of them. So thank you for seven years of an incredible ride. I hope you stick around for more!

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