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This page is all about the readers! People have sent me pictures and told me about costumes they’ve put together for conventions based on Demonica characters, and more – and I want to honor that by posting pictures. So if you have any photos of your tattoos or costumes or anything else, please feel free to email them to me at Larissa AT LarissaIone DOT com. You can also request the pattern of the demon caduceus at that email address!

From reader Alicja — a cloud that looks like the demon caduceus!)

From my demon sheep reader, Mho Fho. He loves demon duckie.

Reader Lillie, who dressed up for DragonCon as Ciska, the demon nurse from the Demonica books!

Submitted by Suzi

Submitted by Wally

Submitted by Lillie…check it out; I’m sharing space with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Gena Showalter!

This one is mine, placed on my right ankle

Submitted by Moe

Reader Ayla sent this adorable little fairy to me all the way from Wales – it’s Gem, from the Demonica books! Perfect, isn’t it?

Submitted by Julia, a Demonica-inspired design

Harvester, submitted by Kristine

Submitted by Suzi

Submitted by Jessica

From reader Axreah



Also, below I’ve posted links to reader forums and places where readers can get together.

Forums and Groups

Demonica Merchandise – Underworld General CafePress store

Demonica Merchandise – Zazzle store by Pickyme

Demonica Book Thongs – Stupid Shiny Designs Etsy Store

Official Larissa Ione Facebook page – I chat with readers here and offer up lots of contests. It’s a fun, active page.

Goodreads Demonica Group – A place for members of Goodreads to discuss the Demonica books. I pop in to the Comments For Larissa thread but leave the others alone so readers can discuss openly. Started by Vale.

Fans of Larissa Ione on Facebook – A place on Facebook to discuss and be notified of updates. Started by Charlotte.

Demonica on Facebook – Active group on Facebook to chat about the Demonica series. Started by Ryan.

Blood Bank – Demonica Series – Group at Bitten By Books to discuss the Demonica series. Started by Athenna Rachelle Grissom

Writeminded Readers Group – A very active group of readers and authors, including me, Stephanie Tyler, Jaci Burton, Maya Banks, Amy Knupp, and more!

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