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  • Writing With Weather
  • The Whirlwind Romance
  • Why You Need Wolves
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  • Writing Software

  • WriteWayPro for Windows. — Simple to use and customizable. You can use as many features as you want if you are a plotter or use it as its most basic as a word processor if you’re a pantser. It converts documents seamlessly to Word for sending to publishers.
  • Scrivener for Mac — Similar to WriteWayPro. Color code your scenes, drag and drop them to rearrange, export into Word, PDF, Kindle, and a dozen other formats. You can even write scripts with it. NOTE: I have a Romance Novel Template for Scrivener 2.0 that makes life a LOT easier for users. If you would like this template, please use the contact form on my site and I will email it to you with instructions on how to install it.
  • Great Articles by Other Authors

  • Agents and Query Letters, by Allison Brennan
  • Honing Your Synopsis Skills, by Joanne Rock
  • Stephanie Bond’s Website — A wealth of helpful articles!
  • Advances and Royalties—How Writers Are Paid, by Rebecca Brandewyne
  • Holly Lisle’s Website —Her website features too many articles to list here, but visit her webpage, and you will be overwhelmed with FANTASTIC articles….How To’s, workshops, articles on the writing life, your career. Don’t miss this site!
  • Favorite Books on Writing

  • SCENE & STRUCTURE, by Jack Bickham
  • STORY, by Robert McKee
  • MYTHIC STRUCTURE FOR WRITERS by Christopher Vogler
  • ON WRITING, by Stephen King
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