Myth: Domestic Rabbits Can Survive In The Wild

The Truth:

Doubtful. In fact, many rabbit welfare organizations say that pet rabbits abandoned in the wild often don’t survive overnight, and they live an average of three days.

Pet rabbits have no idea how to hide from predators and are often picked off by dogs, cats, and other predators, or are struck by cars. If they do not die immediately from predators or vehicles, they die slowly from disease and malnutrition.

Rabbits kept properly at home can live 10-12 years, are intelligent, loving creatures that need attention, affection, and veterinary care just like cats and dogs do. NEVER abandon a pet to the wild. If you don’t think you can keep a pet forever, don’t get one.

And never EVER buy any pet from a pet store. EVER. If you must have a rabbit, or even a hamster, guinea pig, or bird, check your local shelter first. You’d be amazed how many abandoned small animals are available, and you won’t be lining the pockets of sleazy animal mill owners who sell to unscrupulous pet store owners.

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