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Wanna Win A Sin Undone ARC?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

img_2283 Hi everyone!

Well, I need your help. I’ve been asked to provide book club discussion points for a reader’s guide for Ecstasy Unveiled and Sin Undone. Very cool! Problem is, I have no idea what to ask, so that’s where you come in.

I know you probably haven’t read Sin Undone yet, so it’s hard to come up with discussion questions to provide for a reader’s group to discuss after they’ve read the book, but I’m still open to anything you can come up with. (These aren’t questions TO ME — they are discussion points for readers who discuss the book in groups amongst themselves during and after they’ve read the books.)

If you haven’t read either book, simply say so in the comments instead of posting a reader’s group discussion question. For you, I’ll include a special prize category.

Now, onto the prizes: I’m giving away an ARC of Sin Undone, plus a tote bag I had designed to match! One winner will get the ARC and tote, and two other winners will get a tote. One winner who hasn’t read Ecstasy Unveiled and says so in the comments or puts the Demonica widget on the right side of this page on their webpage/blog will get their choice of a signed book or a tote bag.

So…all you have to do to be eligible to win one of the first three prizes is leave a comment with a discussion question that would be good for a reader’s group that is reading Ecstasy Unveiled or Sin Undone. (Or, for the fourth prize, say you haven’t read the books or post the widget to the right on your blog.)

An example of a discussion question is this, from The Stormchasers, by Jenna Blum: Charles and Karena have very different views about how Charles should manage his bipolarity: Karena insisting Charles seek medical help, Charles insisting on holistic and alternative measures. Whom do you tend to side with on this issue, Charles or Karena? Why?

Remember, the questions are for people who have already read the books in their readers’ groups, so they know what happened. The purpose of the questions is to get people to discuss how they feel about the events in the books.

Okay, so have at it! I’ll announce winners next weekend, so BE SURE to check back to see if you’re a winner. I tend to forget to hunt people down.

Happy questioning! :grin:

Updated to add: Apologies for all the updates on the post (if you have a feed, you’re getting a MILLION changes to the post! I just wanted to clarify some of my confusing points and fix a couple of dumb mistakes I made!)


I’m a Black Crayon

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Not real shocked…

You are most like:


You are bold with a dark side. You make clear lines wherever you go, though you color outside of the lines. Many people may just see the surface of you and think you are merely plain, but you have a lot of depth to you as well.


Take this quiz: Which Crayola Box of 8 Color Are You?

Tag #1

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Cynthia Eden got me today!

The Rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to the person who tagged you once you’ve posted your three sentences.

Nearest book: Visions of Heat, by Nalini Singh

5th sentence and next 3: “Be that as it may,” she said, instead of confronting his irrefutable logic, “I can’t control them now, and I absolutely cannot control the dark visions. Neither can I risk betraying the degradation of my conditioning by asking for further training.”

“You’re a cardinal.” Vaughn tipped up her chin until she could no longer avoid meeting that wild gold gaze.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but feel free to play! :)


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