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November Search Phrases

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

This was a relatively tame month. Not TOO much weirdness!

People Looking For Me Or Someone Named Larissa:

teen larissa naked (No, there are no pictures in existence of me naked as a teen, so stop looking, perv.)
larissa foot (Head on over to Writeminded!)
larissa sex (Er…let’s not go there.)
i was lost on the road to larissa (Sounds like a book title)
prostitute larissa (Not a book title)
name larissa in graffiti
larissa dick (No, Larissa doesn’t have one)
pictures of sexy stomachs (Okay, my name isn’t mentioned, but I’m sure they were looking for me.)

Looking For Someone Else

naughty america jill
emma s jpg
steph tyler does seals (And she does them well! :wink: )


nano people (are sadists)
my husband and i work in the house a love story (And wow, what a fascinating premise! :roll:)
womens stories on small penises (Heh. I’d buy that anthology:lol: )
how difficult to get published at ellora s cave
the manuscript was to stilted (And apparently TOO full of grammatical errors.)
extreme blaze novels

General Weirdness

occasional bloody saliva
dental torture sadist
cameltoe (Does this one belong here, or under “animals?” :lol:)
suskind orgy
burt reynolds covered in vaseline
bit down on nut and face pain and swollen
onion smell coming out of my pores (Eew. Just…eew.)
mississippi flesh eating bacteria (Each state has it’s own strain now?)
romantic sex
pregnant fetishes (OMG. There are some sick puppies out there.)
how to get flatline drunk (If you’re asking, you’re probably just dumb enough to do it by accident.)
american girlspooping (Do American girls poop better than girls in other countries?)
you know you live on the gulf coast when (you aren’t living there anymore)
parted teasing tongues moistened


all the vital signs of a rooster (if you can get a blood pressure reading from a rooster, I’d sure like to know how)
pregnant dog egg yolk
sleazy animal (They’re called humans)
why dogs lick their butts (Because the lack of opposing thumbs prevents them from using toilet paper?)
what makes cats go feral? (Turning them loose to fend for themselves.)
what if i don t treat my cat diabetes (Gee, what happens when you don’t treat a human? THEY DIE. A horrible, long death. Treat your cat. It’s not that expensive.)


    New York Comic-Con, Oct. 11th & 12th, 2014

    Coastal Magic Convention, Feb. 5th-8th, 2015, Daytona Beach, Fl. For more info: CoastalMagicConvention.com

    2015 Tuscon Festival of Books, March 14th – 15th http://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org


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