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Immortal Rider!!!!

I have a new cover! I’m so excited — I LOVE this cover. It fits Limos so well, right down to the font colors. So here’s the cover and the blurb:

Sexy, powerful, and immortal, Limos is on a crash course with destiny. She’s been marked as Satan’s bride and her jealous fiancé wants her all to himself. The only way this Horseman can keep herself—and everyone else—safe is to keep her distance. But not even Limos can save herself from the secrets she’s kept . . . or resist the seductive allure of one very brave human.

Arik Wagner knows the saying “love hurts” better than most, yet he never thought stealing a kiss from Limos would land him in Hell. Literally. It takes all his military training to survive the demon torture, but once he’s topside, Arik realizes that the agony has just begun. With the Apocalypse looming and Satan demanding his bride, will Arik and Limos surrender to the desire smoldering between them? Or will giving in to their passion unleash hell on earth?

Whatcha think? :grin:

87 Responses to “Immortal Rider!!!!”

  1. Limecello says:


  2. Chacelyn says:

    Beautiful, can’t wait for it!

  3. Heather says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE your covers…Can hardly wait to read this book.

  4. Ashley V. says:

    This cover is awesome. I can’t wait for this book!!!!

  5. Laura says:

    Oh that is one VERY nice cover… so can not wait till the book comes out :-)

    I just love it…

  6. Tash Petterson says:

    Very hot!!! Can not wait to sink my teeth into the next Lords of Deliverance book!!!!!! :rolleyes:

  7. Niki_B says:

    Love it!!!

  8. Danielle Gorman says:

    Love it! I can’t wait for this book to come out.

  9. Blackwater Mama says:

    :ohmy: I ACAN’t WAIT!!!

  10. Blackwater Mama says:

    :ohmy: I CAN’t WAIT!!!

  11. Cre says:

    That is one hot cover. LOVE it!!

  12. Pretty. I especially like the font colors.

  13. Silver James says:

    :blink: But…but…we have to wait until December? :sad:

    Love the cover, love the story, and I have the feeling I’m going to love Arik, too!

  14. linda says:

    Oooo, la la me likey the cover ;D but I thought Arik was a werewolf ( warg) and is there always going to be an Apocalypse looming in books? whats happens when the books are done? I would love to read this series and this book and eternal rider!

  15. Amber Hughes says:

    Love the cover! I can’t believe we already get to see it this far in advance! WOOT!! :-)

  16. Katlyn says:

    I cannot wait for this book. I’m soooo excited. And I’m a total Limos fangirl. LOL

  17. eruiz says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! :grin:

    The colors are amazing and OMG, Arik it crazy HOT.

    The only thing that sucks is we have to wait until December….. :angry:

  18. June M. says:

    LOVE it! Can’t wait to read it!

  19. June M. says:

    LOVE it! Can’t wait to read it! :grin:

  20. Valerie B says:

    love the text colors – kiss your graphic artist – orangeish to white to purple….reminds me of looking deeply into a fire ……

    was that intentional?


  21. Barbara says:

    Niceeee, very hot! Can’t wait!

  22. Teresa B says:

    I absolutely love the cover. You always have the most amazing covers for your books. I can’t wait for the book to come out. I know it is going to be great because all your books have been so far!

  23. Ana says:

    Love it all your covers are awesome

  24. dani says:

    I just finished Eternal Rider today, can’t wait for Limos book! Love the cover!!

  25. Viki S. says:

    Sin’s cover was my favorite but I think I love this one even more!

  26. RENEE says:

    oohhhh my god this is hot. it so hit limos i cnt wait or her book to be out..

  27. Nice! I’ve got to get my hands on Eternal Rider (tomorrow is pay day and I think that is the day I get it).
    I’ve been hearing really good things about ER. And of course I LOVE Demoncia and the ACRO series.

  28. Angie D says:

    Awesome cover! Can’t wait to read it.

  29. Jessica Wimberly says:

    loving the cover

  30. Linda Harrah says:

    Just finished ER and now in withdrawal….serious withdrawal after seeing this!!”

  31. Aemelia says:

    oooh love the new cover!

  32. OOOOOOOOH That is gorgeous is it December yet ?? Not sure I can wait that long :blink:

  33. VanesMate says:

    He is so damn lickable :grin: Can’t wait til December…this is torture!!

  34. Catassa says:

    Someone get some water to put out the fire. That is one hot cover!!! Come on December.

  35. karen says:

    :ohmy: wow beautiful!!!

  36. shannonB. says:

    YUM! This is possibly the only thing I don’t like about having a Kindle…seeing the yummy covers in color. After a book comes out I always go to the bookstore just to pet it! :)

  37. Beautiful! Congrats Larissa!

  38. Shannon A says:

    LOVE IT!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  39. Heidi says:

    Love it, but am I missing the release date? :wacko:

  40. Kimberly F says:

    Love the tat!!!! Can’t wait until the next Rider book comes out!!!

  41. SLion says:

    What no muumuu? Just kidding- It looks great and I canna wait for the new book!

  42. Meaghan says:

    It looks fantastic! The summary sounds awesome too! So excited to read it :laugh:

  43. Christi says:

    OMG! This cover is HOT!!! I honestly think that’s one of the most gorgeous covers that I have seen this year! WOW!! smiles…

  44. helen says:

    Oh i love them both and the cover perfect!!! She wont know what hit her with Him….. I loved him in your other series i'[m so happy he’s getting his happy ending

  45. jowanna says:

    very nice. that has to be very exciting.

  46. jowanna says:

    very nice. that has to be very exciting. :rolleyes:

  47. Carrie says:

    He even has his dog tags! This is the most ABSolutely best cover of yours and it perfectly matches your characters!

  48. kelley wilson says:

    Fantastic……will be happy when it is released

  49. Awesome Freaken Cover….Love Your Work Larissa…Good Freaken Lord Your Books Are The F***ing Best! :grin:

  50. Tigris Eden says:


  51. Joy says:

    I assume you are on your way to thank the art dept at this very moment? THAT is a great cover!! Alpha Male protecting his woman, le sigh. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  52. Nicole (kyatty2007) says:

    Oohh LOVE!! It’s awesome! Can’t wait to read it!!

  53. JoJo says:

    OMG this cover ROCKS!!! I can’t wait to read Limos story!!!

  54. Laurie says:

    Just finished reading Eternal Rider and it was great!!!! Can’t wait to read Immortal Rider. Is the story complete or are you still writing Limos’s story?

  55. Sarah says:

    I love this cover!!! The blurb sounds fab too, can’t wait to read it :grin:

  56. The cover looks amazing.

  57. missysteffy says:

    The cover is fantastic! And I love the synposis! Can’t wait for book 2 to come out!!

    Congratulations on a great series!!!

  58. Theresa Navarro says:

    Amazing Larissa! I can’t wait! :grin:

  59. Rosa Fernandez says:

    OMG!!! I love it Larissa!!
    I’m reading Eternal,and it’s so awesome that I can’t wait for this one! :grin:

  60. Tiffany M. says:

    LOVE the new cover and the blurb! I am so excited for the next book in the series. I <3 it! Congrats on getting such a lovely cover (and I love the colors, too, very tropical/sunset feeling). Oh, cover happiness! :happy:

  61. Bvaldes says:

    Wow! I want this book! Thanks for the cover and blurb.

  62. Paula says:

    Wow, gorgeous cover! :grin: Excited to read this book!

  63. Kathleen says:

    Hmmm…didn’t know where else to leave this question. lol Could you possibly arrange perhaps through your agent to put out a CALENDAR of those fantastic book covers. Hmmm but delete some of the stategic wording. : :grin: hey I am a single 64 yr.old leave me alone eh?

  64. twimom227 says:

    WONDERFUL cover! I am SOOO EXCITED to read this one… it’s a great cross over from Demonica with Arik getting his due! I can’t believe I am so behind that I didn’t even get a jump to post a cover love post on my blog. Oh well… I still love it! Thanks for sharing!

  65. Fabulous cover! This is one delicious series you’ve concocted, girl. Wishing you trillions in sales.

  66. Sandy says:

    LOVE the cover!!! Just finished Eternal Rider, and December can’t come soon enough!!! I was so depressed when I realized Sin Undone was the final Demonica book, but then came Lords of Deliverance!!! You are an amazing writer, and it’s always torture waiting till the next release!!! Keep ’em comin’!!!

    • Cynthia says:

      Sandy, I believe that Larissa said that there will be other demonica books in the future. And I love that fact that the seminus brothers and their mates make appearances in the horsemen books :grin:

  67. Marie says:

    Love it!:)yeah,December can´t come soon enough!:

  68. Kelly Mueller says:

    HOLY HELL!!!! I LOVE!!!!!

  69. Sweet P says:

    I cannot wait. I am lovin’ this series. The cover is perfect!!!

  70. Kourtni says:

    I personally have never read any of your books but my friend directed me to your site this morning and i have to say i am completly entranced by your writing. now that i know you exist ill have to go out and find your work because it is very very good. from what i have read on the site here that is

    • Cynthia says:

      Kourtni, I vouch as well as Larissa’s other readers that once you start reading the Demonica series followed by the horsemen, you will be drooling and foaming at the mouth! lol I do! I just re-read all the books. I will be moving on to the sydney croft series very soon.

      Happy Reading!!

  71. Kourtni says:

    I personally have never read any of your books but my friend directed me to your site this morning and i have to say i am completly entranced by your writing. now that i know you exist ill have to go out and find your work because it is very very good. from what i have read on the site here that is :grin:

  72. Cynthia says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!! The cover is awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to see whats in store for Than and Reseph!!!

  73. Clare says:

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: love it!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until it comes out!!!!
    :grin: :grin:

  74. Annie Trampus says:

    I’m still in the middle of Eternal Rider (although I’ve read through it quickly at least twice). Arik and Limos is going to be awesome. Larissa Ione is most imaginative, creative, lusty, exciting, competent, humorous, and engrossing Paranormal Romance author EVER! I don’t mind inflating her ego because she needs it to shine as she does. You’re a SUPERNOVA.

  75. Yvonne says:

    Just beautiful!!! I can’t wait! When does it come out????? :rolleyes: :grin: :grin: :grin:

  76. Paula says:

    Love the cover can’t wait until the book comes out I have read ever book I can not put your books down :nowink: :nowink:

  77. Christina says:

    Oh I can’t wait for this one to come out. :rolleyes:

  78. Kattie says:

    :nowink: .i…iii…ii.ii…i can’t…can’t i can’t wait!!! :nowink:

    Awesome cover too!! The colors mach her perfectly :grin:

  79. nadine says:

    brilliant, LOVE IT!


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