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Wanna Win A Sin Undone ARC?

img_2283 Hi everyone!

Well, I need your help. I’ve been asked to provide book club discussion points for a reader’s guide for Ecstasy Unveiled and Sin Undone. Very cool! Problem is, I have no idea what to ask, so that’s where you come in.

I know you probably haven’t read Sin Undone yet, so it’s hard to come up with discussion questions to provide for a reader’s group to discuss after they’ve read the book, but I’m still open to anything you can come up with. (These aren’t questions TO ME — they are discussion points for readers who discuss the book in groups amongst themselves during and after they’ve read the books.)

If you haven’t read either book, simply say so in the comments instead of posting a reader’s group discussion question. For you, I’ll include a special prize category.

Now, onto the prizes: I’m giving away an ARC of Sin Undone, plus a tote bag I had designed to match! One winner will get the ARC and tote, and two other winners will get a tote. One winner who hasn’t read Ecstasy Unveiled and says so in the comments or puts the Demonica widget on the right side of this page on their webpage/blog will get their choice of a signed book or a tote bag.

So…all you have to do to be eligible to win one of the first three prizes is leave a comment with a discussion question that would be good for a reader’s group that is reading Ecstasy Unveiled or Sin Undone. (Or, for the fourth prize, say you haven’t read the books or post the widget to the right on your blog.)

An example of a discussion question is this, from The Stormchasers, by Jenna Blum: Charles and Karena have very different views about how Charles should manage his bipolarity: Karena insisting Charles seek medical help, Charles insisting on holistic and alternative measures. Whom do you tend to side with on this issue, Charles or Karena? Why?

Remember, the questions are for people who have already read the books in their readers’ groups, so they know what happened. The purpose of the questions is to get people to discuss how they feel about the events in the books.

Okay, so have at it! I’ll announce winners next weekend, so BE SURE to check back to see if you’re a winner. I tend to forget to hunt people down.

Happy questioning! :grin:

Updated to add: Apologies for all the updates on the post (if you have a feed, you’re getting a MILLION changes to the post! I just wanted to clarify some of my confusing points and fix a couple of dumb mistakes I made!)


101 Responses to “Wanna Win A Sin Undone ARC?”

  1. Oh I want an ARC! memememe! Please! Not great at questions but here goes:

    How will Sin deal with having the other male siblings poking around in her life when she’s used to being alone?

  2. WOO HOO!!! Countin down the days for Sin Undone release!

    I am so bad at coming up with discussion questions but I’ll take a stab at it:

    After years of being treated as an outcast and in turn becoming a loner, will Sin be able to ask for and receive help from her brothers in order to contain the disease that has so appropriately been named after her?

  3. Chelsea B. says:

    Ohh, sorry, I’m not much help. I haven’t read either book :sad:

  4. Stephanie G says:

    Sign me up for the ARC!!

    Sin is responsible for starting the plague that has been killing werewolves. Con, who is half werewolf, needs to make Sin answer for her crime but the two have history. What would you do if you were in Con’s place? Would you be able to bring your lover in or would you go against your race to protect her/him?

  5. Here’s another family question for Sin Undone:
    (There are just so many great questions for her in regards to her family relationships!) How has Sin’s early life affected her trust of others? Why do you think it had such a great impact on her attitude toward others?

  6. KataGlavac says:

    Ok,here it goes…
    Will Sin fit into her new family,will she be able to be one of them,or is she really so different and so wounded from her prior experiences that she will not be ‘one of them’?Can you imagine her comfortable with her 4 brothers?

  7. I would love a copy of Ecstacy Unvieled. i haven’t read it. The new book looks good too.

  8. :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: Uuummm haven’t read Ecstacy yet…I wanna! Just haven’t got my hands on a copy yet. :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:

  9. Amber says:

    SIgn me up baby.

    Okay, In Ecstasy UNveiled, Eidolon did some tests on SIN. He obviously found out that she is their sister. What other findings can we except? Also since, Sin is a female can she reproduce?

  10. Danica Avet says:

    Sign me up, I’m biting my nails waiting for Sin Undone. *bounce*

    My question(s):
    Does Sin have any control over her power to cause disease?

    How will her new position in the assassin guild affect her relationship with Con and her brothers?

  11. Larissa says:

    Hi everyone!!!

    Thanks SO much for helping! I just want to say quickly that these are questions for a reader’s group that has already read the books, so they know what’s happened already. We’re looking for discussion points for readers who have already read the books to discuss, as opposed to questions you might ask the author.

    For example, for Ecstasy Unveiled, a question might be:

    “At one point in the book, Idess must make a choice between earning her wings or becoming mortal to be with the man she loves. What would you have done?”

    That’s probably lame, but hey, that’s why I’m asking readers! LOL

    Thanks again, everyone!!! You guys rock!

  12. Willa says:

    Gee – no wonder you passed! :laugh:

    At the end of Ecstasy Unveiled we have Lore going to work for/with his brothers at the hospital. He has always craved their friendship and approval – how do you think he will fit in with the already established dynamic of Shade, Kynan, Wraith & Eidolon M.D? :tongue:

    Due to their history Lore & Sin have become very close and protective. How do you think their relationship will change/weather with the arrival of mates for each of them?

    Sin has never been ‘one of the girls’ – how do you think she will she fit in with her new extended family of Tayla, Serena & Runa?

  13. Andrea Becraft says:

    Oh Oh ARC of Sin Undone *sigh*

    How does being half vampire half were-wolf help Con cure the diese that is plaguing his people? And does he have enough strength to forgive Sin for killing so much of his brethren?

  14. Sahara H. says:

    Ecstasy Unveiled/Sin Undone (take your pick) deal with the hero/heroine seeking to find his or her place amidst a violent world. Lore and Sin both come from backgrounds working as assassins and each has the capability to cause harm through their powers. How do these abilities effect their journeys in finding their own identities and place amongst their families?

    In the case of Sin Undone, how does Sin’s ability to cause the SIN Virus impact her relationships with those around her? Do you hold Sin fully responsible for the outbreak of the virus? Why or why not?

    What do you think makes a relationship between Sin and Conall, a victim of the virus, both extraordinary and challenging? What do you think are the greatest strengths to their relationship? What are the greatest struggles the pair must overcome? What do you think will allow the relationship to work?

    In Ecstacy Unveiled, Lore describes Sin as, “the most closed off person he ever met,” do you agree with this statement? Does Sin’s personality change as Sin Undone progresses? If so, what do you think changes and why?

  15. Kim Reetz says:

    would love an ARC!!

    Question=What sacrifice could/would you be willing to make to save a family member??

  16. Patty B says:

    I would love the ARC!

    Lore must work to save his sister and build a relationship with Idess. What internal and external pressures does he face? What would you do in his situation?

    As the only female Seminus, Sin is a rarity. Moreover, her ability to cause disease and the outbreak of the Sin Virus continue to place her on the dangerous fringes of demon society. How does Sin deal with her unique status? What would you do in her position?

  17. INCiDeNT says:

    Sin Undone… *Whimpers.* :grin:

    Not sure how many Q’s we can provide, but here’s some:

    How do you think Sin’s and Con’s relationship will evolve from taking to mutual caring on either side? (Assuming that it does)

    With Sin’s past, do you think she will be too stubborn (and broken) to admit feelings for her own good?

    Do you believe Sin will ever fully trust Lore again due to an incident in their shared pasts?

    Kynan’s and Gem’s story has been unveiled throughout the first three books – Pleasure Unbound, Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed – will we be seeing more of them in Sin Undone and the spinoff future books?

  18. Dang, I’m not good at these things, but I REALLY REALLY want the ARC of Sin!! (that would make a good book title, no?)

    Idess had to make difficult choices in her journey as an earthbound angel. She protected an innocent woman against direct orders therefore allowing the woman to kill a Primori, and putting a black mark on her companion, Rami’s record. It was both a selfish motive (Rami would be earthbound longer and Idess would have her companion) but also what she felt was the right thing to do (saving the woman). She was faced with a decision between selfish motive, the morally right thing to do and following orders. Have you ever been faced with a decision to follow orders or buck the system for selfish and/or moral reasons? What decision did you make? Can you think of other examples from this book (or series) when characters had to make similar decisions?

  19. PS> thanks for the cool Demonica button! It’s going on my blog!!

  20. Larissa Ione says:

    :laugh: Holy crap, people!!! Y’all are doing some AMAZING questions! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! :cool:

  21. Jeanette Juan says:

    I would love the ARC!!!

    Is Sin truly content being the head of the assassin’s guild after the abuse she suffered there, and how will her past abuse affect her relationship with Con?

  22. Zoe Winters says:

    I haven’t read Ecstacy Unveiled!

  23. Viki says:

    Sin seemed okay holding Rade. If after all of Eidolon’s tests it’s found that she and Lore (being 1/2 human)can reproduce, if you were her would you? She’s most likely hooking up with Con who is a warg/vampire blend. Their child would be what? Should they take the chance?

    And Lore and Idess would their child be immortal? Should they have one not knowing and possibly out living it since it could be human?

    And how is Sin going to deal with being the head of the assassins guild when others are willing to kill her to take over? Will she have guards or go it alone? She’s very independent so what will she do?

  24. Oh..I would love a Sin Undone ARC – Love the Demonica series!

    During Ecstasy Unvieled Eidolon and Shade damage their family relationship by arguing about what is to be done with Lore – do you think the brothers – Shade, Eidolon, Wraith, and now Lore – would be as close without the hospital bringing them together?

  25. barbarav says:

    How difficlut is for sin to fall for a vampire?

  26. Barbara Elness says:

    I haven’t read Ecstasy Unveiled or Sin Undone yet, but I’m sure looking forward to reading them.

  27. AMY says:



  28. mariya says:

    i havent read esctasy unveiled or sin undone but i hope to. i loved ur first 3 demonica books. they were amazing!

  29. Amirra Johnston says:




  30. Amirra Johnston says:




  31. Amirra Johnston says:

    :wink: :yuck: :yuck: :nowink: :tongue: :rolleyes: :cool: :cool: :angry: :dry: :smile: :mellow: :happy: :ninja: :wacko: :angry: :grin: :grin: :laugh: :ninja: :yuck: :nowink: :ninja: :ninja: :wacko: :unsure: :wub: :dry: :dry: :dry: :blush: :sleep: :grin: :blink: :laugh: :closedeyes: :sad: :huh:

    LOVE THEZE…. :grin: :laugh: :grin: :nowink:

  32. Pamk says:

    I am really curious Is Sin the only female Seminius Demon?
    And will their be more brothers?
    After this book will we see more books possibly Gem and Kynan hopefully so?
    And though I can’t think of his the fallen angel but will he get a HEA?
    How exactly is your new series a spinoff of the dmonica series. Or is that a secret?

    And this darn book can’t come soon enough for me.

  33. Sarah says:

    I have actually just started reading Ecstasy Unveiled so I can’t really come up with any questions for it yet. I love the Demonica series though & can’t wait to get my hands on Sin Undone :)

  34. Amanda Jerrett says:

    I adore Larissa’s books and cant wait to read Sin Undone!

    My question is this…
    With Sin’s new position as the “slave boss” amongst the underground assassin’s group, how will her relationship with her brother’s progress if they ever find out what their little sister really does?

    Or better yet, how would her would-be lover react?

    It seems like her new profession could get in the way of her brothers’ knack for the saving of demons! Cant wait Larissa! :grin:

  35. Debbie Joyce says:

    I would love to have a gift!! Here goes the quesiton: How will Conall Dearghul being half werewolf and half vampire deal with Sin and his clan?

  36. Jessica Creel says:

    I have not yet read Ecstacy Unveiled. :(
    It’s sitting right next to me on my desk until i’m done with Passion Unleashed

    I’m halfway through Passion Unleashed though!!! So i’ll get to it soon!

  37. Melanie says:

    I cannot wait for Sin Undone. I will be waiting impatiently.

    I am not very good at coming up with questions, but I will give it a try.

    During Ecstasy Unvieled Eidolon and Shade damage their relationship because of their different views on Lore, do you think they be able to repair the relationship? Will they ever be as close after coming to a head like they did? Do you think Shade being a father have anything to do with why the fight was worse (over-protectiveness)?

  38. Billy-Jo Stead says:

    With Lore finding his true love and Sin feeling as though she’s losing her brother and feeling alone, if you were in her shoes would you embrace Idess and your new 1/2 brothers or be resentful that you your don’t get all of Lore’s time?? Or throw yourself into your work and ignore them all????

  39. Breelia says:

    I’ve read all the Demonica books so far and loved them. My question would be about Sin. Now that she is the boss of the assassins, do you think it will put a strain on her relationship with her brothers? How do you think they will interact now, when Sin is in the business of taking lives, while all her brothers try to save them? Do you think the fact that she’s a female sem will make it easier, or more difficult?

    Does that still count as one question? lol

  40. Sherry says:

    If you were Sin, how would you cope with the knowledge that you are responsible (not by choice) for the plague that is killing innocents? Would you seclude yourself to prevent further outbreaks? How do you protect yourself when everyone seems out to get you?

  41. Lillie A says:

    Do you agree with Lore’s decision to be an assassin and possibly kill innocents in exchange for his sister’s safety? Do you think Sin’s actions reflect guilt she may feel over what her brother was forced to do for her?

  42. Yadira says:

    :smile: Hi Larissa,
    My questions for the readers group discussion are…

    Like Sin, if you had the curse/gift of giving someone a disease, would you use it? Why or why not?

    Like Con, in terms of abiding by clan law/politics, if you were half vampire & half werewolf, who would side with, the vampires or werewolves? Why?

    • Yadira says:

      Thought of some more questions…

      In what ways is Sin ‘undone’ throughout the story?

      Is Sin’s instant dislike/distrust of everyone upon meeting them, justified? Why or why not?

      How would you compare ‘Sin Undone’ to the rest of the Demonica series books?

      Upon finishing the book, what was your initial reaction? Do you feel satisfied with the final installment? Why or why not?

      This question is just general across the whole series…

      Since the leading men of the Demonica series are unlike any human men (I mean well, just look at the covers), do you think this sets readers up with unrealistic expectations for human men? :wink:

      • Yadira says:

        Adding another question…

        Sin is a strong independent female, like the other females in the series, but how does she differ from the rest of the women?

  43. Meaghan says:

    Eeeeep! I have literally just re-read the series :grin:


    Some points of the book that I’d like to discuss are:

    Will Con’s blood (after drinking from Sin) have the cure needed for the disease? What adverse affects could it have on the wolves treated?

    Will any more Wraith babies turn up?

    Will Luc ever find a mate?

    Even though Gem is only half Soulshredder, how much of it do you think the baby will inherit? Will it have any other special gifts?

    Will Idess be able to use her ‘gift’ for seeing the dead for anything other than helping their souls move on?


  44. Gina says:

    I want an ARC pretty please…

    Discussion Question:

    In Ecstasy Unveiled Idess and Lore both struggle with family issues – from Lore’s tenuous relationship with his new found siblings, to Idess’s guilt over her belief that she failed her own brother. As the series unfolds through plot twists and turns at the core all the characters are tethered by strong familial ties. Do you find yourself relating on a more personal level to the story line because the characters and their conflicts remind you of someone in your own family.

  45. Edi Arvizu says:

    Sin Undone!!!!! I soo want it! Sooo…

    The fact that Sin shouldn’t exist (much like Smurfette in the Smurfs) will be a catalist to something greater being the first and only female seminus demon. What do you think will be the consequences of the knowledge of her existance will be to the demon world? Will they see her as a threat that needs to be distroyed or something else?

    Also how will Sin deal with Lores new life and mate while she battles her own emotions and turbulations? Plus now she runs the assasins so how do you think that will come together with her mating?Will their bond help change her disease? Will she be the missing link between her brothers and somehow combine to make a whole?

  46. JoAnna says:

    Ok, I didn’t read all the comments and I haven’t read the books recently. My question would be…

    As most seminus demons are male and when they reach their maturity they have the urge to procreate as much as possible. What would be the side effect of this maturity on Sin?

    Can’t wait for Sin Undone!!!

  47. Melissa says:

    Because Lore and Sin have had most of their lives together and are both very unique, how do you feel their relationship with the Brothers will progress? Do you feel their bond will always cause a power struggle, as it did when Lore was prepared to kill a friend of the brothers to save his sister? What would you have done in that situation? Do you think the Brothers have asked and/or come to terms with what they would have done in the same situation?

  48. Emily says:

    Con and Sin are both in the same “world” however, they were raised differntly. How would these differences affect their parnership to find a cure if they find she can reproduce?

  49. Laurie says:

    Hi Larissa,

    I am so looking forward to Sin Undone in August and I just added the widget to ParanormalBites.com. I read books 2-4 not too long ago and started reading Pleasure Unbound today. I am saddened that the series is ending though – what about Luc? He needs his story told too!

  50. Candace Blackburn says:

    Do you think that Kynan will ever truly fit in with the brothers? He seems to be in with them but if a conflict should arise, that could be a problem. How long did E take the beatings for Wraith? And Lore – will he ever get the loyalty that E, S & W have for one another? Will they automatically take Sin and overprotect her?

  51. Theresa Navarro says:

    I would love a Sin Undone ARC

    Sin has been a killer most of her life, haven been stuck in the assassin’s guild. Her gift/curse is to spread disease and that has made things difficult for her attaching herself in most relationships. (Excluding her relationship with her brother Lore) Although, Conall has seemed to have broken her barriers down how will she be able to allow something so precious into her devastating world? How will after destroying so many lives will she be able to create a new one for herself? A life that could possibly be better than what she already has?

  52. Cathy R. says:

    OMG. An ARC of Sin’s story. Everything and anything I could possibly come up with for a discussion group has been mentioned. Please count me in for the ARC contest anyway. Thanks Larissa.

  53. MinnChica says:

    I would ask: Do you think Sin had good reasons and was justified in not wanting a relationship wtih her other brothers, even though she had never met them?

    What a great contest! Thanks so much!! :grin:

  54. Ilona says:

    I haven’t read Sin Undone yet but I wthink a good discussion point would be how she copes with being ‘the smurfette’ of the Demonica world.

  55. Ayla says:

    i haven’t read the other questions but i think most reader would like an explanation of how a seminus and a human offspring differs from a full seminus/demon offspring [other than the obvious result of being able to have females].

    we know that the sems get traits from their mothers so does that make lore and sin weaker or mean they have less powers than the other brothers

    are you going to address Idess’ part in the plague

    …what would happen if lore and idess have babies [that’ll be kinda scary]

    is E ever gonna make babies with Tayla because it’s been three books now lol

    i can’t really think of more questions as i’ve read ecstasy unveiled. can’t waaaaait for sin undone

    oh here’s another one, what’s with all the couples starting off wanting to kill each other :laugh:

  56. Larissa – I adore your books and wanted to leave you a question – no need to enter me in for the ARC, I intend to buy the book. Support your favorite authors and all that.

    But for a book group discussion, I do have a question:

    Lore is very nearly a tragic hero (it’s a near thing there at the end.) His life, up to a point, is a long litany of terrible events. But would you view him as a Shakespearean tragic hero or a Jobian one? That is – are his misfortunes visited upon him as a result of flaws within his own character, or are they the result of forces beyond his control?

  57. Reneem1 says:

    Loved E.U.
    Can’t wait for Sin & Con!! :grin:


    Discuss Lore’s lose/lose situation….?
    Compare Idess choices to make…
    Who has the harder/easier choice to make?

  58. Angela Sparks says:

    I want an ARC! I am not good at questions either but here it goes.

    Since Sin is truly an anomiliy like Wraith do you think her and Wraith will become close out of all her brothers, she is close to Lore but because they are considered anomolies will thier relationship be more special because they are different from thier brothers, plus they kinda have the same personality.

  59. Brandy Swain says:

    Huge Fan!! would love to win the ARC! So here’s my question…

    If you were Idess would you choose desire over duty?

  60. Charlotte says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I am looking forward to it!

  61. Melissa says:

    Do you have a problem relating to Sin with her being the Assasin Master, and having brought the disease that is wiping out the Warg race?

    Larissa ~ YEAH on Sin Undone!! I can’t wait!!

  62. Natasha says:

    I’d love to win an ARC or Tote bag!!
    If it’s open to Canada, count me in. If not, disregard this please!

  63. I haven’t read any of the Demonica books as yet… I’m trying to collect them all so that I can read them in order. :grin:

    I posted the widget on my blog http://s7anna.blogspot.com/

  64. Alisha says:

    So I love this series and would love to win an ARC, so here goes me winging it:

    In Ecstasy Unveiled if I’m recalling this correctly Sin would cut herself when she killed someone unexpected of her. So I’m going to think she gets a handle on this in the book.

    Do you think Con handled learning about her hurting herself correctly or could he had handled the situation better?

    Do you think if Sin would allow her brothers to see who she really was from the beginning she wouldn’t have gone through as much as she did?

  65. Tanya says:

    Ooohhh – I would love an ARC of Sin! I’ve read all the smexy Demonica books so far (Love Them!), and am looking forward to seeing a female lead in Sin Undone!

    My questions for Ecstasy Unveiled are:

    1) In Ecstasy Unveiled, many of the characters –Lore, Sin, Idess, Eidolon, Shade, Wraith, Kynan– struggled with, what they felt were, personal obligatory sacrifices. Was there a single character who’s actions, and/or motives, were justified more strongly in their pursuit towards their goal(s)? Were there any actions taken in which you disagreed with the characters personal justifications? Did these personal obligations change the values, and characteristics, of the characters over the course of the book? How?

    2) The following quote is taken from Idess’s flashback in Ecstasy Unveiled, and provides useful insight into her frame-of-mind:
    “The half of her that was her mother’s daughter demanded mercy for this woman even though Idess’s duty required her to do what was right for the world, not an individual.”

    In what ways do internal conflicts shape the characters and development of the plot of the story? How are Idess and Lore both the same and/or different in their views? Lore & Sin? Tayla & Eidolon? Eidolon & his brothers? Do you side with the thought of ‘lose one for the greater good’? Why or why not?

    3) Did the archetypal symbol of the Grim Reaper hold up to its universal reputation?

  66. Debbie says:

    Me too….would love to win something if I can from the UK :-) Have read all the books 4 times now and waiting “impatiently” for sin undone!

    No one has mentioned the blond Sim Tavin? He healed Lore after his beating; does Sin get caught in a triangle with Con and Tavin. How does she choose.

    Where does Arik and R-XR fit it, could she – should she take the assassins guild into the military??

  67. This is a really kewl idea for an event!
    I have NOT read the books but I will try to lend a hand!

    What do you think of the hero/heroines’ character development?

    Did you feel you got enough information? Are there any questions about the character’s personality that you felt were left un-clarified?

    What aspects of this characters personality intrigued you the most. Was there anything that turned you “off”?

    Lol, I don’t know if this helped, but I hope so! I’d very much appreciate the opportunity for be entered for the draw!

    kate (aka YzhaBella)

  68. Kacie says:

    Read 1-4…1 and 4 were my faves. I love, love, love Eidolon. The straight, serious guy always wins me over, then there’s Lore, the guy who thinks he’s just not worthy. Haven’t read Sin’s book – of course.

    I have no questions. I suck at this kinda stuff. But when I get EU back from my sister I’m gonna read it again.

    Widget posted on my blog…www.kaciefletcher.com

  69. Tricia says:

    Well…… I am NOT good at questions, or answering them LOL
    I just want to comment and say I can’t WAIT for Sin’s book. I am So ready to do her character. Oh wait that sounded bad… Art wise, let me clarify! LOL

  70. Elaine says:

    I have not read Sin Undone yet and would love a copy of it

    As a group discussion questions I have a few….

    Sin has known all of her life she is seen as an abnomral “freak of nature” and could only reply on herself (even Lore was not there for her at one time)

    How would you deal with knowing you are seen as a freak of nature in the demon world and how would you try to overcome it and build your confidence? Would you rely on your strength, intelligence or some other important asset you have in order to make sure you are not seen as the “freak”?

    As far as trusting others Sin does not have much… She has been left abandoned by her father, Lore has not been there for her at one time in her life and she became a slave to very nasty demons….she does not get too close to people and Lore is as close as she a person gets to her and there are some distances….if you were Con and/or her new found brothers what things could you possible do to earn her trust? What situations would have to happen for you to show yourself as worthy of her trust…action is better then words etc….

    Not sure if I made my questions clear…. but i hope that helps


  71. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    This muggy heat has fried my brain enough that no questions is coming to mind. Then I was never really good coming up with question.

    I did put your widget on my blogger ( http://visionarydruid.blogspot.com/ )

  72. Kimberly says:

    Most couples find dealing with in-laws to be unpleasant if not down right never wracking…How do you think Lore will feel about having the “Grim Reaper” for a father-in-law?

  73. Gretchen says:

    I haven’t read it. Actually I just started the series. And I love it.

  74. Maria Castro says:

    I LUV all the books!!! And I am always reading them in the midst of the others books I am reading :o)

    Will Sin be able to reproduce?
    Are there more females out there? And perhaps the brothers can’t sense them because they are female?

    Luv it and can’t wait for Sin to come out!

  75. YeSSica says:

    I have read the series and I am anxiously waiting for Sin Undone on Kindle. I LOVE the series!
    It will be very interesting to see how Connal’s character develops the last book didn’t give us much about him except that he has a lusting for Sin. In this book I’m sure we will learn more about his strengths and weaknesses. For sure he will have a weakness for Sin. My questions are several.
    Will Tayla and Eidolon have a baby in this book? Besides Sin and Connal they are my favourite couple.
    Will Sin be able to conceive?
    What the hell is going on with Runa and Shade’s offspring?
    Can Connal feed from Sin without being lusty?
    I cannot wait for this book!

  76. Andrea I says:

    I haven’t read any of the books yet. I have to figure out which one I’m missing as I think it might be the first one.

  77. I think a good discussion question would be: Did the brothers feel like justice was really served when Roag was erased and do you think that they would have wanted some punishment before he was erased? I havent reaqd Sin Undone yet, but cant wait to read it!!

  78. LeeAnn Campbell says:

    would love to win some bling. I think a good question would be if sin carries the disease wouldn’t it stand to reason that she would also carry the cure or would it be the makings of the combination of her and con aka a child or twins with such immunities that being said. Not really much info has come out about their father. What his power was! Any guesses cause I’m wondering umm with each of the brothers their powers can go good and evil it stands to reason that sin is the same.Was dear old dad a kill or cure kinda guy also.Needless to say I’m on the end of my seat!!!
    Lastly is there any special connection or ability that the twins have that the other brothers don’t share ?

  79. Argh I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner! :(

    Discussion questions:

    -What do you think of Sin being the only known Seminus Succubus?
    -How did you feel about Con being not only a vampire, but also a werewolf?
    -Do you believe that the Sin and Con’s personalities complimented each other?
    -Do you think Sin and Wrath will continue to grow closer as siblings due to their quirky personalities, or do you feel Sin will remain closest with Lore?
    -Which character, out of the two, do you feel you related with more: Sin, or Con?
    -If you had a choice, after reading Sin Undone, would you prefer to be the only known Seminus Succubus, or a half vampire/werewolf?
    -Now that you’ve (hopefully) read the entire series: Out of all the Demonica couples, which did you enjoy the most?

    *crosses fingers and holds breath* must win must win must win….

    • Adding a few more!

      -After reading Ecstasy Unveiled, do you think that Sin will be more invested with the Assassins’ Guild, or will she put more of her time and energy into assisting Con discover the were-cure? Why?
      -Do Sin and Con seem real and believable? Can you relate to their predicaments in any way (minus the paranormal elements)?
      -Who–out of the four brothers–do you think would be more prone to kicking Con’s ass if they had actually discovered the bet between him and Luc in Ecstasy Unveiled? If you were in Sin’s position, would you have reacted the same way she did?
      -What was unique about the setting of Sin Undone, and how did it enhance/take away from the overall story?
      -Do you believe that the nickname Smurfette does Sin justice? Will Wraith and her brothers ever end up dropping the name, or do you believe that it will be the new term of endearment for their succubus sister?
      -Do Sin, Con, or any of the other characters, change/evolve throughout Sin Undone? What events trigger such changes?

  80. Miranda Owen says:

    Yea! Nothing better than a shot at an ARC. Here goes:

    A lot of characters in this series are tortured – either physically or mentally. What is it about a tortured hero/heroine that makes them and their story so compelling?

  81. dana cattermole says:

    love the books so excited for sin undone

    with her brothers mated and working and the hospital how will sin adjust into her new life. and will con ever forgive her for releasing the virus on his kind

  82. Joanna Kuang says:

    I haven’t read through the comments so I don’t know what questions other posters posted.

    1) Now that Sin is Assassin Master, how will she be freed from the Assassin Den short of being killed? We see that Idess was able to pass over that role to Sin, so wouldn’t Sin be able to do just that?

    I understand that she thinks that all the only thing she knows how to do is kill, but we get glimpses of her being sad about being never being freed. So wouldn’t it make more sense for her to give up that job?

    2) Will Con’s blood & immunity to SF (hehehehehe, love the disease’s name, BTW!) be enough for E to come up w/ a vaccine…despite the fact that he is also a carrier of SF & can potentially infect other wargs. From what we know from the preview, he did manage to infect one female warg.

    3) Will Wraith end up being overprotective of Sin? I really want to know this!! We already know Lore, Eidolon, and Shade (because of his guilt over his sisters’ & mother’s deaths) naturally are, but from the excerpt, it doesn’t seem Wraith is after catching Con & Sin together.

    4) Now that Roag is destroyed by Idess’s father (whoa, awesome! How cool is it to have Death himself for a father??), who will be the evil antagonist in “Sin Undone”? Will it be the Warg Council?

    5) Will Con and Sin be able to make love? I’m hoping to see some tenderness from Con to Sin (and maybe vice versa. Although, I do love Sin’s tough exterior & persona) because she has had too many hardships for most of her life. Well, maybe all of her life starting with her mother.

    6) How are female seminus demons different from males? Will Sin remain the lone smurfette? Will she be able to one day trigger her release w/o first the release of her partner? As a female Seminus, would it be the same for her that she will no longer be turned on by other males after she is bonded? What about her mate?

    7) I’m not sure if this was ever mentioned: Lore’s mated…but did the rings appear on his neck? (the first being of maturation & the second for finding his mate). Or is it different because he’s half human? Same goes for Sin once she becomes mated (umm, to Con).

    8) Will Sin also end up working for UGH? If she does, what would her role be? Identifier of mystical diseases? XD

  83. Suza Kates says:

    When Sin and Con “Got together” in the closet, my inner voice was arguing between, “No. It’s too soon for that,” and “You go, girl!” During this scene, what was your inner voice saying?

    P.S. I’m a new recruit to the series and love it! have to start back at book one. : )

  84. Suza Kates says:

    When Sin and Con “got together” in the closet, my inner voice was arguing between, “No. It’s too soon for that,” and “You go, girl!” During this scene, what was your inner voice saying?

    P.S. I’m a new recruit to the series and love it! I have to start back at book one. : )

  85. Jenn Ryan says:

    It’s been a few months, so here goes – would love a Sin ARC!!!!

    Idess is charged with ensuring two lives are safe, only to find out one of them is trying to kill the other in order to save his sister. Describe a situation that felt like a catch-22 but was resolved.

  86. Christina Bunton says:

    Haven’t read ecstasy unveiled yet but just finished the book before it! So good! Finished Passion Unleashed today and will be starting Ecstasy Unveiled tomorrow, can’t wait :D almost don’t want to sleep tonight so I can start it :)

  87. N. J. Tubb says:

    Reader questions for “Sin Undone” and “Ecstasy Unveiled”
    1. Are there any indications that Sin will ever be able to accept herself as something unique and special rather than “a freak of nature”, explain?

    2. Sin’s only exposure and involvement in loving someone is her love for her brother Lore, which is still guarded. Since Lore betrayed and abandoned her, do you think she will ever be able to truly love someone? If so, what will she have to overcome to accomplish this?

    3. What do you think Sin’s act of saving one of Shade’s sons from Rariel reveals about her?

    4. Do you think Sin has more than just a sexual attraction for Con? If so, do you think she will let down her defenses and let him into her life?

    5. Sin says she only knows how to “fuck & kill”, yet she endures the painful physical harm from her guilt in silence, not even letting Eidolon heal it. What do you think this reveals about her character?

    6. How do you think Sin truly feels about her new family?

    7. What traits does Sin show that might indicate she has mating and maternal instincts?

    8. Do you think Lore’s character is a contradiction to the definition of a Seminus Demon? Explain.

    9. How does Eidolon demonstrate being the surrogate patriarch of the family?

    10. What are the contributing factors of Idesses nightmares?

    11. Even though Idess is over 2000 years old, in what ways is she still naïve about the world?

    12. Idess was relieved that Lore’s soul is human and had the possibility of going to heaven. Discuss your feelings about Shade, Eidolon, Wraith, Shade’s 3 sons and Wraith’s son being pure breed Seminus Demon and their souls not going to heaven; or, do you think that they will?
    13. How do you think Idesses relationship with Rami helped her understand Lore’s life?

    14. In what ways did Roag’s insanity eventually bring all the brothers and their families closer together?

    15. Even though Lore is half demon and Idess was an angel, how were their lives similar before and after their meeting?

    16. Discuss the similarities between Idess and Sin.

    17. What do you think Shade and Wraith think about Sin? Do you think they will ever be close?

    18. How do you think Lore feels about children? Do you think he and Idess will even have children or be able to have children?

  88. Christina Hunt says:

    I have read Ecstasy Unveiled and I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for Sin undone to come out.

    I haven’t read the other questions so sorry if mine are a repeat.

    Everybody knows that sex is a big part of the world theses days weather your single or married. So one of my questions would be.

    1)If you were in Lore’s position living for hundreds of years could you pretty much give up your sex life because you might kill you partner? And remember most likely all of his partners were Demons.

    2)Sin is the ultimite tomboy. And being have human makes her an unknown. Do you think she will ever be able to have children? and being the tomboy that she seems to be do you think she will really want them?

  89. Monica says:

    A Sin Undone ARC would be awesome. :grin:

    I can’t think of any other questions to add :wub:

  90. Karen says:

    It has been suggested by the brothers that Sin is a female version of Wraith. Would you agree with this? Which of the siblings do you feel Lore most closely resembles? Why?

  91. Ina says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t finished with Ecstasy Unveiled yet, so no question here :(

  92. martha says:

    i haven’t read either books. I just picked up Ecstasy Unveiled today. I have loved the other books, and I know I’ll love this one too.

  93. Jessica says:

    How do you think the over all story & relationship in Sins story was compared to the storys where the guy was the main character? Did you feel it made a difference?

  94. JaeC (Exhale_J) says:

    I haven’t read either of the books, yet. I picked up ‘Desire Unchained’ while standing in line at the super market a few weeks ago. I couldn’t put it down! After reading all about Shade and Runa I downloaded ‘Pleasure Unbound’ and ‘Passion Unleashed’ to my Nook as quickly as possible! I’ve read the three in less than two weeks time. I’m starting on ‘Ecstasy Unveiled’ ASAP!
    Needless to say… I’m HOOKED!

  95. StephB says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, Larissa!

    Questions for a reader’s discussion could be:

    (For “Ecstasy Unveiled”)
    1: After having saved Kynan’s life in “Passion Unleashed” Lore is now ordered to take it or lose his twin sister, Sin, forever.

    ??: If you were being ordered to undo something as important, something you’d help create/save, would you be able to it? What if the consequences of denying the order caused harm to someone you loved?

    2: Lore tries to make the best of a bad situation. He’s tortured if he doesn’t comply, but he does his job, as an assassin, in order to keep his sister safe.

    ?? Have you ever done something you didn’t want to do in order to help/save someone you love?

    (For “Sin Undone”)
    ** Although I haven’t read this yet, I’ve come up with a couple of questions, knowing how things were left with Sin in “Ecstasy Unveiled”, regarding issues that will most likely be addressed in her book.

    1: Sin is the only female Seminus demon ever born. Being unique is often challenging at best and at worst, can leave you feeling as though you will always be alone.

    ?? Is there something about you that is unique? Do you feel as she does? Alone, separate from everyone else around you? How did you deal with it?

    2: Sin’s accidentally started a plague among the weres. Con, the one she is bound to by blood, is charged with bringing her in to face the consequences.

    ?? Have you ever had someone close to you do something accidental, but dangerous to others? Did you report them to the authorities? Or did you offer them solace, understanding it wasn’t intentional and help hide what they had done?

    Larissa, I’d like to thank you for your “shout out” to military spouses in “Ecstasy Unveiled”! That was very thoughtful. Myself and all other military spouses thank YOU for your wonderfully, hot and entertaining Demonica series. :)

    Can’t wait to read “Sin Undone”!

    Cheers! Stephanie

  96. Ana says:

    Sin has released an plague/epidemic on the “were” community that seems to be really true issue for weres that are changed not ones are born a were. What is the significane of such distinction within the were community? Is there a link with victims being once human (i.e. genetic pre-disposition)? What was so significant about the “were” that was originally infected? He was to be protectd by Idess. Considering Eidolon has been struggling with this issue and he has had to reach out to the US military, what is the impact of establishing an alliance with the military and the paranormal establishment?

    Imagine the female dynamics of Sin and her sister-in-laws, and let us not forget Kayla’s sister in the mix as well. Each female mated introduced or mated with the demon brothers are strong-willed, gifted/talented, confident,intelliegent, and, etc. Who do you identify with and why? Please provide examples from the books.


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